World Elephant Day 12 August 2022

Every year 12 August is celebrated as World Elephant Day. This day is celebrated to create awareness about elephants. Every year, Elephant Day is launched to highlight the plight of Asian elephants and African elephants. Even today, Elephant Day is celebrated in a big way by the forest department and the government. Different programs are organized on this day to create awareness among people about elephants.

The strongest animal in the world is the elephant. There is no other animal in the forest as strong as Gajraj. Big ears, long trunk, big body, elephant is an animal that looks different from all other animals.

Elephant is everyone’s favorite. Can elephants be as cute as they are scary?

People fear elephants as much as they love them. Gajraja is worshiped in our country. Elephant Day is celebrated on 12th August every year. World Elephant Day was first started on 12 August 2012.

Elephant Day is launched to raise awareness about the plight of Asian and African elephants. Even today, Elephant Day is celebrated in a big way by the forest department and the government.

World Elephant Day was launched on 12 August 2012 to protect the endangered elephant. Key contributors are Canadian film directors Patrica Sims and Michael Clarke, and Thailand’s Elephant Conservation Secretary General Shivaporn Dardarananda.

On the first World Elephant Day, Hollywood actor William Shuter made the first documentary about elephants, ‘Return to the Forest’.

65 wildlife organizations and millions of wildlife experts from different countries around the world support World Elephant Day.

Significance of World Elephant Day

Humans should allow elephants to live their natural lives. Animals should be provided with adequate area security. The main objective of this World Elephant Day is to create the need to stop their poaching. Hence August 12 is celebrated as Elephant Day. The purpose of Elephant Day is to stop poaching of elephants for ivory and other reasons, to protect the forest habitat.

Number of elephants 2022

The ‘Elephant Project’ was launched in 1992 to prevent the killing of elephants. The Central Government constituted the Elephant Task Force in 2010 for the proper implementation of this scheme. There are 8 million elephants in the world, 7 million in Africa, 1 million in Asia and approximately 28,000 in India

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