If I Become a Doctor Essay in Marathi

If I Become a Doctor Essay in Marathi

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Many students dream of becoming big doctors. There are many reasons behind this some want to serve humanity and become doctors while some want to make many discoveries in science life. Today we will talk about “If I Become a Doctor!” We will guide the students about the essay.

If I become a doctor! How to write an essay?

Today the doctor is given the status of God not only in India but in the whole world. Giving one’s life is considered the greatest charity in Hindu culture.

When school starts in June, students are asked by their teachers to write an essay on a topic, in which the children choose their favorite personality such as Doctor Teacher!

If we become a doctor today! We are going to learn about this essay.

As a teacher solves his problems in many ways through his education. A policeman helps to solve your social problems and a monk helps to calm your soul just as a doctor helps to solve many of your problems.

My mother is a doctor and I want to become a doctor like her. I want to help everyone as she helps everyone. Doctors are the form of God on earth because they bring you back from the door of death.

Every year July 1 is celebrated as ‘National Doctor’s Day’ in India. This day is celebrated in memory of India’s famous ‘Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy’.

Dr. Want to become a great doctor like Bidhan Chandra Roy and make the name of India bright.

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