Marathi Girl Names Starting With S

  1. सानिका (Sanika) – Meaning “flute” or “goddess of knowledge and music.”
  2. सारस्वती (Saraswati) – Referring to the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, and the arts.
  3. सान्वी (Sanvi) – Meaning “knowledgeable” or “one who knows.”
  4. सानिया (Saniya) – Meaning “radiant” or “brilliant.”
  5. साक्षी (Sakshi) – Referring to a “witness” or “observer.”
  6. साधना (Sadhana) – Meaning “practice” or “dedicated effort.”
  7. साहित्या (Sahitya) – Meaning “literature.”
  8. सामिक्षा (Samiksha) – Meaning “analysis” or “review.”
  9. साम्राज्या (Samrajya) – Referring to “empire” or “kingdom.”
  10. सान्या (Sanya) – Meaning “distinguished” or “praised.”
  11. सामृद्धि (Samriddhi) – Meaning “prosperity” or “wealth.”
  12. साधिका (Sadika) – Referring to “dedicated” or “virtuous.”
  13. सावित्री (Savitri) – A popular name often associated with a legendary Hindu woman known for her devotion and wit.
  14. सानिध्या (Sanidhya) – Meaning “presence” or “closeness.”
  15. सायरा (Sayra) – Meaning “princess” or “noble lady.”

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